Thursday, February 21, 2008

Liverpool, Food Reviews, and Barack Obama

Well its approxmately 38min past 10 this Thursday morning and I'm sitting in Wanda's reflecting on the three subjects listed above in the title. For those of you Champions League followers yes, Liverpool opened up Round of 16 play with a stunning 2-0 victory over Inter Milan. Both goals came late in the second half and for this Wanda's blogger helped start the week off on a great note. I encourage all those sports fans out there who have resisted International Soccer and give and and let your world be rocked by the one of the most exciting sports that is relevant to every country, and every culture. I'd like to also point out that ManU only eeked out a 1-1 tie with Lyon. Who's Premier now....

Moving on...

If haven't already noticed, I added a new link to my link list on the left hand side of the page titled "Hole in the Wall". Significance? Now hold your horses, steeds and stalions I'll tell ya. "Hole in the Wall" is a new blog that is dedicated to food reviews of hole in the wall restraunts within and outside the Inland Empire. The first review will be done Sat. Feb 23rd. Reviews will be done by Ethan Johnstone and myself as well as various guest writers as the year goes on so be on the look out.

Lastly, I was looking at my latest copy of "The Economist" which presents the question: "Can Barack Obama deliver if elected President of the United States?" I find this to be a very good question. He sure can enspire and motivate but can he really accomplish what he preaches?(Change)and can he really carry out the duties as President without much experience within executive politics? So what do you thing BloggerNation? Can Obama Deliver?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Final Four Predictions Extremely Early...

I know, I know its way to early to make Final Four picks...or is it? I feel that at this point in the season I can already make a pretty good guess on who will advance to the Final Four in the upcomming NCAA BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT and I don't need Bracketology to help me out. So without further run on here are the picks:

Memphis- Face it they're legit

Michigan State- Tom Izzo wins in the post season every year and this could be one of his best teams he's had (talent wise) yet
Texas- yeah not even the best team in the Big 12 but just watch
North Carolina- Hansbrough won't be stopped, you've got Lawson plus the rest of McDonald's All-Americans and they are just almost impossible to bet against.

Also look for suprise runs by Gonzaga, Drake, and watch Cal State Northridge stun some big name team in the first round