Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From behind the lines...

I'm Aaron M Williams and welcome again to the weekly blog report...(some kind of dramatic intro music) This week I'm reporting for inside The Library on the prestine California Baptist University campus. My location ,for those of you wondering, is nestled between the JK'S and the JN's on the 2nd floor...as of right now the area is calm, very quiet, some locals can be seen every now and then but the effects of Spring Break is extremely evident here. After the massive pilgrimage of CBU undergrad and graduate students journying off to their homes else where, the personality and life of the campus is virtually non-existent, some have even been noted as saying that life here in the normally thriving Baptist haven...is dead.

In other news...

The end of the year is upon us. Seniors...I can't even fathom where we will all be one year from now but I'm excited to find out.

For those of you who came up this past week letting me know that my beloved Sonics will be moving to the OK state... Not so fast! I say to you... A source from Seattle, who just so happens to be my dad, informed me that 3 private investors(the CEO of Microsoft,some big wig from Cosco, and a local real estate investor) have stepped up and our willing to pay all the money needed for the Key Arena's rennovation, and will offer to buy the Sonics back from Clay Bennet anc Co. in the near future. So there's hope...(stay tuned for next week's story on how the NBA has been scheming American cities out of zillions of dollars uncontested.)

#2 donuts is no longer open 24hrs, they now close at midnight...I know Lancer nation, we're all in shock. Now there's a difinitive reason why they're America's #2 donuts

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to you Anderson...

Well here I am again maning my usual post in the corner of Wanda's with the authority of one Danny Manning (in his prime mind you, think clippers/hawks years) and I thought it was about time for another blog entry.

In political news... Does anyone but me find Hilary Clinton's new campaign strat. halarious? The fact that she makes the statement "Barack Obama would make a great vice president, under herself" . I must admitt, its a brillant play pn her part. The basic idea is that people will start accepting Clinton as the dominant Democratic presidential canidate and those who are yet to vote in the remaining states vote for Clinton. The idea is also an outreach to Obama supporters, hoping they will concede with thee guarantee of a Vice President nomination. So yeah... great play but still halarious. I would have loved to see the look on Obama's face when he saw that quoted in the newspaper

For all you Liverpool fans out there BIG GAME TODAY 12:30 VS INTER MILAN

If you sports fans still have not read or heard of Bill Simmons check this out

Top 3 must see movies the next time you see a movie:

La Vie En Rose
Darjeeling Limited

And lastly for those of you players of the card came Spades, Mike Marse and I take all challengers...we haven't lost...ever