Saturday, February 16, 2008

Final Four Predictions Extremely Early...

I know, I know its way to early to make Final Four picks...or is it? I feel that at this point in the season I can already make a pretty good guess on who will advance to the Final Four in the upcomming NCAA BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT and I don't need Bracketology to help me out. So without further run on here are the picks:

Memphis- Face it they're legit

Michigan State- Tom Izzo wins in the post season every year and this could be one of his best teams he's had (talent wise) yet
Texas- yeah not even the best team in the Big 12 but just watch
North Carolina- Hansbrough won't be stopped, you've got Lawson plus the rest of McDonald's All-Americans and they are just almost impossible to bet against.

Also look for suprise runs by Gonzaga, Drake, and watch Cal State Northridge stun some big name team in the first round

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carsonbelmont said...

WOW!! Crazy picks, but Gonzaga always makes a run, no surprise there.