Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Its the Republican National Convention, and I'm blogging live... couchside.

Right now we have Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman calling for national unity. You see, though Lieberman is a democrat, he believes McCain is the man for the job and says that picking the next president shouldn't depend on what side you're on, rather it should depend on who the right leader is. This frankly sounds very nice, but you have to ask the same question you ask yourself every time we see these big political events...is this all a show? With all the musical performances, motivational movies, and pep speeches, it sure seems like it.

Ok, Am I the only one that thinks that CNN's massive analysis on every aspect of this convention is extremely un-needed? I say just let the show roll, and maybe let Anderson Cooper and Wolf talk because they seem to be the only non-bias people on the set.

To be honest, I think that these correspondents have a huge impact on how our nation see's the different politicians. After a speech supporting McCain as president, you immediately have some left analysis saying she doesn't think McCain should be president. Well obviously! We already know you are democrat and that you will most likely be supporting Obama, be a little more creative with the feedback please! I have no problem with critique of both parties but at least wait for the political talk shows to start before you tell us something that we already know. What ticks me off is the fact that these people are presented as experts but they're only experts of one side of politics. I use the democrat correspondent as an example but I believe other more conservative networks have the same problem. I feel the race for 2008 is going to be waaaay more won via political talk shows and breakdowns of political events than the actual events themselves. I will say this though; if Anderson Cooper runs for president...I'll probably vote for him. I say that without much laughter.

Ummmm…so tell me why Ron Paul is having a convention? I love the guy, I really do, he cracks me up, but I just…I…ahhhhhhhhhh

Ok, tell me if you think this would be a picture perfect ending to the RNC.

After the last speech of the night the lights go out, the smoke machines start up, and Lynard Skynard closes the night with "Free Bird". I can't think of anything else that would better sum up the event of patriotic, good ole' American boys who stand for freedom, then the unofficial band of rednecks everywhere. Man I can see it now...McCain and Palin singing along, Bush Sr. covering his ears...Man, that would pretty much seal the deal...although Obama did have two of the members of Death Cab play at his convention. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAA NELLIE! It's gonna be close.

Alright, that's enough politics, what's on ESPN?


.escamilla. said...

" be a little more creative with the feedback please! "...

do i sense a flight of the conchords fan?

Aaron M. Williams said...

I work with you one summer...and you know me so well

Aaron C. Broadus said...

LOL ... Well said ... I really enjoyed the commentary/article ... Keep it up

Justin Blomgren said...

1 million strong for Anderson Cooper '08. I think that would be a successful Facebook group. I do have a little man crush on that guy