Thursday, November 6, 2008

King Abdullah, start walkin' what you talk.

This past summer while I was in Jordan some of my friends talked to my team and I about the issue of migrant workers rights in the country. They talked about how migrant workers would be hired abroad by families, they would come to Jordan, work for a handful of years, sending the money home to support their families and then when the time was up they would move back home. The problem though is that a lot of migrant workers will be forced to work longer then what they signed on for and sometimes not paid at all. Many times their has been reported sexual and physical abuse. Our friends told us that this was a big problem and Jordan and that a lot of the trouble had to do with the fact that the government doesn't do a lot to stop the problem. The BBC recently reported that the country's only human rights group had recently spoken out against the governments handling of the situation. Check out the article. Pray that the government would fight the injustice that they have allowed to exist for way too long. Also pray that those in bondage to be set free, pray that Jordanians would see the need to speak out for their neighbors who may not have a voice.


Shelbs said...

Beautifully said. Very appropriate and nice to hear that maybe things will get better if EVERYONE uses the hearts God gave us for others. Man, I miss Rosey and her lovely cooking.

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