Monday, February 9, 2009

I got Swagga' and a Sore Throat...

This past weekend I was heeeeeeeeeeeeeeckka sick. For three days I layed on the couch, hydrated, probably destroyed half a rain forest with the amount of tissue I used, and lived on a strict diet chicken noodle soup, oatmeal, and carrots and apples. I slept and watched alot of TV. Being sick also gave me the excuse to watch 4hrs straight of Sunday nights Grammy Awards. On any other year I would have settled for staring at a wall before watching the Grammy's but this year... Radiohead, Coldplay, Paul McCartney, and Robert Plant were performing...Heck of a lineup right? I thought so...and on went my night. Here are some of the observations I made in between sips of a cranberry juice

Though being a Coldplay fan and already knowing this...I was again blown away with how well Coldplay play's live events...and more re-blown away by how charming Chris Martin is every time he talks. I swear if Chris Martin and I sat down to a cup of Refresh Starbucks Tazo Tea and he told me moon doesn't exist I might just take his word for it.

Bono is a crazy old man

Even though I try really hard tell my self the opposite...that Estelle song with Kanye is the catchiest little song I've ever heard

Even though I wanted to applaud MIA while performing on her due date...I was also was honestly holding my breath that we would not see the first on-stage birth. I've never seen anybody so pregnant in my life...

I give in...Paul McCartney is AWESOME...Coachella here I...

I'm sorry Taylor Swift and Miley fan's...I'm just really not sooold on this gig...

I also can't stand the Jonas Brothers. I'm sick in tired about hearing about how young and talented they are. Ok you got the young part. The talent though.....there really is none!! Almost every time I see them perform they're singing over a recording and most of the time not playing their instruments.Usually talent has something to do with DOING SOMETHING WELL if at least DOING SOMETHING AT ALL. Until I can actually see them performing live music all on their own...I'm won't be sold. Then again..I probably still wont be.

Stevie Wonder is the man

Al Green has a high voice

Radiohead has the best live performances maybe ever...they showed that last night. It was really weird seeing them on TV though...Let alone at the Grammy's.

"Sweet Caroline" makes me sooooo happy. I was literally singing the song with Neil last night during the performance. Sweet Caroline!!!!! BA BA BA!!!

Robert Plant has an incredible voice for being almost completely deaf,extremely old now, and for living through the Led Zep days...(most of you know what I mean by this.)

I've come to the conclusion that I love hip hop. hate the content, love the sound.

Speaking of which...How does Lil' Wayne make his voice sound like it does

By the way...Jennifer Hudson gots pipes! ahem...she sings really well.


Adrian Martinez said...

top notch reporting once more. dude, so sorry i didnt know you were sick. i guess thats why you werent at church. hope you feel better.

Shelby-Jean said...

This post made me laugh soo hard!!! Don't talk smack on Taylor though, I adore her, she's a good girl and a wonderful artist!

Also, hip hop sucks badly! I would rather listen to the Jonas Bros but you do have a point the reason I don't like it is because the lyrics!! My 11 year old niece listens to it and I am like do you have any idea what they are saying and of course she says no I don't listen to the words, thank God for that innocence left in her! Lil' Wayne's voice is not like that they do something to the sound, dumb, dumb, and p.s. he's my least favorite of all rappers alive, ugghhh!

Anyway, love you Aaron!!!! Miss you even more!!! REUNION SOOOOON!!!!

carsonbelmont said...

I agree with all of your observations, Taylor, Jonas and Miley = Horrible! Although I do find some of Taylor Swifts songs quite catchy.

Anonymous said...

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