Monday, June 2, 2008

Jordan Trip Part I: "They just don't give those Phd.'s away"

At the begining of our journey to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan we did some site seeing, visiting the Baptismal site, the Dead Sea, Mt. Nebo, and Petra. We were also blessed to have our friend Robert E. Wallace traveling with us. An expert in biblical history, Wallace's commentary on the land we traveled through made the experience extra special. It was crazy walking around such places were biblical events took place. Here is the begining installment of my photo journal.

First stop.

Shelby getting baptised in the Jordan River.

Me standing behind the Plains of Moab.

The Team at the Dead Sea. Quick fact, the Dead Sea is over 100 times more salty than the Pacific Ocean,thus reflecting in the bouyancy we humans have when swimming in it. You can literally be in 20ft of water and be standing straight up and not sink. Its incrediable!

The view from Mt. Nebo. This is where Moses was shown the promised land by God in Numbers 27.

Petra. This is the area where the Edomites come from. Also the inspiration of notorious rap song "Shawerma"

More Petra dwellings.

Kelsey and Shelby on camels.

Thank you Mr. Wallace. You will be missed.


john sachs said...

Those are some pretty sweet pictures. How come whenever I look at pictures of people in the Dead Sea they have that black mud all over their bodies?

Petra looks so cool. Have you ever heard of the band, "Petra"?

Shelbs said...

AARON!!!! I finally got around to looking at your blog!!! AMAZING! I love it! Can't wait for week two whoot whoot!!!! =)

P.S. Dear mr. John Sachs the reason we have mud all over ourselves is because the mud there is known for exfoliating your skin and they actually sell it in stores around there. So when anyone is there they know to put mud all over themselves because well it's just the "cool thing to do" haha! =)

Shelbs said...

hahaha omg wait wow I just noticed your title, PRICELESS!! =) I miss Robert, he was too funny!!

One more thing we have to get together again and get schwarma soon!! That was fun and good to catch up! Toodles....

.escamilla. said...

these are rad.

im sad i don't see your face around campus anymore.