Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jordan Trip Part II: "Ah ah ah...."

The 2nd half of our trip consisted of a whole lot of productive hanging out. We studied Arabic and than hung out at the University of Jordan. Our days would consist of hours of basketball in the U of J gym (the competition was actually very strong), pool at the pool hall,and chillin' with our local store owners ( for the guys) The girls days on the other hand would consist of walking on campus and literally being swarmed by girls wanting to talk about...what girls talk about I guess. We also did alot of work handing food out to Palestinian refugees living in different parts of town. The latter project was one of the most impactful ones. We were invited into homes, met families, and heard some pretty amazing stories. We were also impacted by a trip to an orphanage we took. Here are some more pictures documenting our journey.

This night was alot of fun. Us with our friends Rita and Leen.

The girls and one of their many entourage's

Kelsey giving rides at the orphanage.

With the Angel kids

Guy with grill cheese... Jordanian style

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Shelbs said...

Aaron Mckee!!! I love your work on here its beautiful!!! =) I really miss Jordan!!! That picture of me and the Angel kids is cute but I look like a midget this time and man I miss those lil angels, I bet you miss mercy huh? Beating you with the lightsaver, "Mercy is un-merciful!!" Hahahaha, well well good job I am so happy I got to spend 3 weeks with such a great guy with a heart for God! You were a great leader adn encouraging throughout the whole trip, even though I was a jerk most of the time picking on you, it was all in fun! You are something else Mr. Williams!! =D