Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our family is in need.

Continue to pray for Christians and others being persecuted in Orissa...

1. That the Christians would stay steadfast in their faith, even sometimes in the face of death
2. For the salvation of those who are committing these acts of injustice
3. That, if it be His will, that He might show mercy to our brothers and sisters
4. That whatever the circumstance, His power, His might, and the ultimate glory of His name would be made known to all those in Orissa, India, and beyond.


Cinders said...
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Cinders said...

can i get an amen?

jeremy phillips said...

I believe it is His will always to show mercy.
Even if his mercy leads to death, which is mentioned by St. Paul when he talks about death being his gain.

But, nevertheless, your posts that remind us to pray for those we care so much about in India always are good. Thanks.

Aaron M. Williams said...

my mistake. I should have been more specific. I meant that He would show mercy by taking those being persecuted out of harms way or that he could stop the persectuion