Friday, January 2, 2009

1. Jose Gonzalez "In Our Nature"

Well, here it is, number 1. "In Our Nature" has been a favorite soundtrack to my everyday roamings and drives around Riverside the past few months. Jose Gonzalez, in my opinion has one of the most soothing yet radical voices in the biz. I love his writing and his folksy multi-cultural sound. My favorite quality about his music though is that I can relax, get inspired, or if need be…get pumped in listening to "In Our Nature." His music is simple yet make’s some strong statements…just like me…haha…well…you get the idea.

1. Teardrop
2. Killing for Love
3. Down the Line

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carsonbelmont said...

Although I haven't been commenting, I have been reading your top 10! I have enjoyed seeing what you thought were the top 10 and actually became anxious to see what was next each day!